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Creative Strategies = Creative Outcomes: Teamwork, technology restarts paused replacement hospital project

A healthcare project designed before the economic downturn that then stalled for several years is not news. But by using a creative and community-focused design and construction team, the extra time the downturn provides can be capitalized to incorporate innovations and to strengthen relationships in order to produce a project that exceeds everyone’s expectations. Such was the case with the recently opened, 382,000-square-foot Good Samaritan Regional Health Center in Mount Vernon, Ill. Read More …

Upgrading Infrastructure: The roll-out of electronic health records

Healthcare facilities are among the most infrastructure-intensive building types. Integrated mechanical-electrical systems, fire safety and security systems, medical equipment and communication networks promote patient safety and operational efficiencies. Federal, state and local codes regulate virtually everything within a facility — from the physical structure to operational processes to patient care. All this is with one goal in mind — improve patient care and safety. Read More …

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