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J.M. Electrical, BCM Controls Begin Project at New Partners HealthCare Facility

LYNNFIELD, Mass. – J.M. Electrical Company, Inc. and BCM Controls Corporation have kicked off project operations at the new Partners HealthCare facility in Somerville, Massachusetts, a 750,000-square-foot development. BCM Controls will design the facility’s automation system, which J.M. Electrical will install, to control the heating, cooling and ventilation in the 13-story building, scheduled to bring more than 4,500 administrative employees to Assembly Row who are now scattered among 14 Partners HealthCare sites around the region. Suffolk Construction is the construction management firm overseeing the Partners HealthCare project.

In order to maintain an environment that meets necessary occupancy needs, BCM Controls and J.M. Electrical will equip the building with a heating, ventilation, air conditioning and cooling control system, which will work together to maintain precise temperature and humidity levels while simultaneously moving large amounts of air throughout the development. These advanced systems are crucial to maintaining the optimal environment, and support an ongoing effort to reduce energy demand and consumption in buildings while guaranteeing reliable energy delivery.

This project is scheduled to be completed by late 2016.

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Posted January 20, 2016

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