Vinyl Sustainability Council Issues Call for Medical PVC Recycling Pilot Program Participants

Vinyl Sustainability Council has issued a call for participants for a new U.S. Medical PVC Recycling Pilot Program. Interested hospitals, recyclers and logistics organizations can sign up on the VSC’s webpage. The pilot initiative aims to divert products from landfills and encourage the recycling of nonhazardous medical PVC devices in hospitals. Pilot participants will be identified by the end of June for a program launch in 2022.

The VSC pilot program will look to collect nonhazardous medical PVC devices, such as IV bags, oxygen masks and oxygen tubing waste to be remanufactured into new products.

The council has set a goal to increase post-consumer recycling to nearly 160 million pounds by 2025. To accomplish this, the VSC has developed a PVC recycling roadmap to reach its goal that includes enabling technology innovation, increasing infrastructure investments, informing recyclers and product producers, and collaborating with other organizations committed to PVC recycling. A U.S. medical PVC recycling pilot program, in addition to the Vinyl Siding Institute’s ongoing vinyl siding recycling pilot and the Chemical Fabric and Films Association’s vinyl roofing membrane pilot program, will help the industry achieve this goal.

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Posted May 10, 2022

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