State of Healthcare Construction Report Highlights Trends, Challenges + Insights

The State of Healthcare Construction report combines healthcare construction trends, challenges and insights from industry experts. Healthcare construction specialist Robins & Morton served as the editor for this report, sourcing more than a dozen contributors in architecture, engineering, construction, program management and healthcare administration. The contributors shared personal experiences, discussions with their peers and how they’re planning for the future. Three main trends comprise the majority of the report: infrastructure upgrades, offsite construction and prefabrication and changes in project delivery.

U.S. healthcare systems spend $8.8 billion annually on energy and, as budgets tightened in 2020, more conversation surrounding energy savings emerged. Although the evolution of technology and campus expansion have been driving forces behind infrastructure improvement, healthcare systems have also taken a more active role in uncovering ways to improve energy performance and the report details these findings.

However, with expansions and infrastructure improvements on the rise, workforce continues to decline. This reality is forcing construction teams to amplify their creativity, and many are finding their stride in offsite construction and prefabrication. Prefabrication has been a growing trend for more than a decade, but clients, design teams and construction professionals are asking: is there a better way to prefabricate? For many of the experts consulted for the report, the answer was a resounding yes, sharing their outlooks.

It’s common knowledge the construction industry is changing, and many of the emerging innovations are in response to those changes. One of the most significant is the earlier, more collaborative approaches to project delivery. The report details the various roles of the project delivery team in this new environment.

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Posted June 16, 2021

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