Fujifilm Systems Integration Leads AIA-Accredited Course on Tech & Design Considerations for OR Integration

FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc.’s Fujifilm Systems Integration business has launched an American Institute of Architects-accredited continuing education course titled, “Design Considerations for Technological Advancements in Operating Room Systems Integration.”

During this one-hour course, participants will learn about the importance of continuing to digitize systems and processes in the OR, the role digitization plays in ensuring that various technologies used during procedures are connected and accessible, and why it’s important to understand this evolution as architects and equipment planners.

While created for architects and equipment planners, anyone involved in the design of a new OR or interventional space can take the course. This may include OR directors, biomed managers, healthcare administrators and more. Specific segments within the course include:

  • Outline the evolution of digital ORs and discuss how systems integration can result in higher quality patient care and improved efficiency
  • Discuss video transmission standards in the OR and how disparate standards can cause issues with video, audio and data formats necessary to OR procedures
  • Explain the benefits of internet protocol standardization, including reduced cost, simplified OR design and seamless connection for a wide variety of technologies
  • Evaluate current IP-based solutions in the OR for the ability to eliminate hazards

The AIA course number is IFU11A, and registration can be accessed at: https://www.ronblank.com/Lunch_and_Learns/Design-Considerations-0

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Posted February 24, 2021

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