Anderson Mikos Architects Announces 5 Senior Leadership Promotions

Five healthcare architects, designers and planners have recently been promoted to top leadership positions at Anderson Mikos Architects. George Franceschina, Bob Schaefer, Mike Hurt, Mark Mazibrook and Brian Ochalek have been selected to step into senior vice president and vice president positions at the healthcare design firm located in Oak Brook, Illinois.

George Franceschina

Franceschina has been promoted to president. He has been employed with Anderson Mikos since the firm’s earliest stages, totaling 35 years within the healthcare design industry. Franceschina will oversee the marketing and PR efforts of the firm, while managing the associate program, budget review and recommendations and continuing to supervise and maintain technology at the firm.

Bob Schaefer

Schaefer has been selected as the senior vice president, recently surpassing 26 years with the company. Schaefer will step into the role of chief operating officer and act as the personnel liaison. Additionally, his role will oversee the operating budgets, fee preparations and project schedules.

Mike Hurt

Hurt has been with the firm for 16 years, specializing in healthcare design. As the new senior vice president of projects, Hurt will take on managing and supervising project schedules and directing manpower and staffing for all projects.

Mark Mazibrook

Mazibrook has been promoted to vice president of quality and senior healthcare planner/designer. He has been with the firm for 22 years, with expertise in planning and facility master planning. His new role will consist of reviewing and managing the QC process and analysis of all projects.

Brian Ochalek

Ochalek has dedicated the last 21 years to the company. As the new vice president of implementation, he will work closely with contractors and act as AMA’s front-end man. Ochalek’s new position will require the overseeing of construction issues and on-site safety protocols.













Posted December 15, 2020

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