HCI Video Reveals How Health Systems Use Facilities to Recruit, Retain Leading Physicians

Healthcare systems are increasingly looking to their built environment as a differentiator that can help them to recruit and retain the best care providers. However, renovations must balance demands for the latest trends with flexibility for the future. In its new video, the Health Care Institute, an IFMA Council, offers strategies for how healthcare systems are doing just that.

HCI’s latest free 5-minute video, Creating Environments that Recruit, Retain & Support Leading Physicians, features insight from designers and facilities managers as to how they are involving clinicians, nurses, patients and others in their planning strategies. Through interviews of leading healthcare facilities experts, conducted by McMorrow Reports Editor Eileen McMorrow, the video provides insight on how leading healthcare organizations are creating impactful spaces where people want to work.

The latest video from HCI reveals a sampling of the expert insight shared by presenters at recent educational events co-hosted by HCI and SquareFootage. The video was made possible with the support of FM:Systems.

The new video is available for free viewing courtesy of HCI at: http://hcinstitute.info/resources_video_register.html.

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Posted May 11, 2017

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