J.M. Electrical, 621 Energy Install Solar PV System at Massachusetts General

LYNNFIELD, Mass. – J.M. Electrical Company, Inc., and solar developer 621 Energy, have recently completed a 476 kilowatt solar photovoltaic energy system installation that will power the Massachusetts General Hospital research and parking facility located in Charlestown, Massachusetts. The rooftop PV system was designed by 621 Energy and is expected to generate 568,000 kW hours in its first year of production.

This project consists of 1,487 solar panels and 17 solar inverters that will help save the hospital approximately $95,000 annually. In addition to the solar system installation, 621 Energy and J.M. Electrical technicians mounted the solar PV system on the roof using a cutting-edge racking system to account for high winds and building height. J.M. Electrical staff oversaw all day-to-day operations throughout the three-month project schedule to ensure that it was completed on time and on budget.

J.M. Electrical has an on-going partnership with Massachusetts General Hospital and provides onsite building automation and electrical support to take care of any critical projects as they come up at the various healthcare facilities.

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Posted April 4, 2016

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