Humber River Hospital Wins IHA Special Recognition Award

OMAHA, Neb. – Humber River Hospital, the first fully digital hospital in North America, received a Special Recognition Award from the Intelligent Health Association during the HIMSS Conference. Each year IHA recognizes an individual or institution that has demonstrated leadership in the digital health community.

Humber River Hospital officials reimagined patient care by merging and transforming three outdated legacy sites into a new showcase facility, one that integrates technology across all hospital systems to enhance patient care. The new 656-bed facility opened in October 2015, serving more than 850,000 residents in northwest Toronto, Ontario.

Designed using an Evidence-Based approach, this fully digital hospital was supported by an innovative HDR design team that provided full architectural, interior design and healthcare consulting services. To improve the effectiveness and efficiency of clinical and healthcare services, as well as control operational costs, new Information, Communication and Automation Technology was fundamentally integrated into the facility planning and design.

“The technology doesn’t replace people providing care, it enhances it by allowing for more effective human interactions, faster, more accurate information delivery and the ability to provide more personalized care,” says Jerry Jeter, AIA, vice president at HDR.

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Posted March 25, 2016

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