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Sextant Foundation Presents 4th Clinicians + Designers Workshop

Participate in the definitive assembly of NICU clinicians and healthcare designers to Reimagine the NICU and help inform future fundamental guidelines. This two-part workshop series will be held virtually, from Read More …

Reimagining Healthcare Design via Design Thinking

We’ve all experienced that “ah-hah” moment when you recognize something could be better, and imagine it being better. For patients and clinicians, it’s often when they are in a hospital care space – the expectant mother in the middle of labor wishing she wasn’t staring at a painfully slow-moving clock on the wall; the Read More …

Affordable Human-Centered Design Approach to Patient Healing + Well-Being

As healthcare projects become increasingly cost-focused, human-centered design features—light, water, connection to views—are often value-engineered throughout the design process.

Yet, the value of these design elements goes well beyond dollars and cents; Read More …

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