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Private Sector Gives China’s Healthcare a Boost

China’s population is going through a number of shifts, including aging communities, higher standards of living and a growing young, urban middle class. For the country’s healthcare system, that also means challenges in meeting the needs of care and providing quality services. Read More …

Prefab + Collaboration = Winning Combo for Dignity Health – St. Rose Dominican Siena

With the enactment of the healthcare law, the rebounding Nevada economy and a substantial increase in population, Las Vegas, Nevada has been more than a little motivated to expand and improve its healthcare offerings. A major player fulfilling the need is Dignity Health’s St. Rose Dominican Hospitals, including its Siena campus in Henderson, Nevada. Because of its proximity to the strip, former CEO Rod Davis requested the finishes mirror the tone and feel of the area’s signature hospitality industry. Read More …

Creating Connections: Designing health facilities that enhance the life of a city

Urban health facilities are as varied and vibrant as the people they serve. From small clinics to large medical centers, these facilities are designed and built for efficiency, comfort, convenience and quality care. They are also carefully interwoven into the fabric of urban life. Read More …

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