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The Hospital of the Future

The edge of innovation and the possibility horizon

Hospitals will always be a place people make pilgrimages to — for healing and care — but the dynamics and degree of the pilgrimage is changing at a more rapid pace than ever before. And, as the world gets more technologically oriented and digitally savvy, it is becoming much easier to imagine the future than remember the past. The nimbleness of the healthcare industry in response to the pandemic has been a major catalyst and will likely accelerate our applying the technology opportunities available. Read More …

Drone-Powered Hospital Concept May Impact Future Population Health Management

Leo A. Daly’s Miami, Florida design studio is working on a concept for a drone-powered hospital, which uses autonomous aerial vehicles to deliver food and medical supplies Read More …

Using Drones on Projects

Navigating the new drone rules

In recent years, medical construction contractors and subcontractors have taken advantage of small unmanned aerial vehicles, commonly referred to as drones, in the planning, design and construction of projects. By attaching a camera to a small, lightweight drone, construction companies can mitigate the safety risks and costs posed by current methods Read More …

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