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Industry Experts Join Facility Guidelines Institute

Isabelle Arnold and Tina Duncan recently joined Facility Guidelines Institute. Arnold, a project architect with Array Architects, has been invited to join FGI’s Biocontainment Unit Task Group. Duncan, AIA, ACHA, CBO, has been appointed to FGI’s board of directors. Read More …

Mock-Up Event Simulates Biocontainment Space, Decontamination Procedures

Array Architects and HITT recently held a simulation in a biocontainment space for medical professionals, designers and industry peers. Attendees learned about decontamination procedures, warm and cold zones for safely removing protective equipment and processing of biohazardous waste. Read More …

Biocontainment Patient Care Units: 8 critical design considerations that facilitate efficiency, safety + patient-centered care

Doctors and nurses who treat highly-infectious diseases do so at great personal risk. These are deadly illnesses for which there is no vaccine, and whether they are transmitted via bodily fluids, in the case of Ebola, or through the air, in the case of SARS, they pose a serious threat to the men and women who provide care. Read More …

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