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USGBC Building Health Forum Explores Built Environment as a Health Issue

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — The inaugural Building Health Forum, the first event from the U.S. Green Building Council of Northern California’s Building Health Initiative, will be hosted at the University of California, San Francisco Mission Bay on Dec. 11. Read More …

Breath of Fresh Air: Combining Air Purification Methods Enhances IAQ

Indoor air quality is an area of growing concern for healthcare facilities managers. Although ultraviolet germicidal irradiation light and gas-phase air purification are proven technologies, the combination of these technologies with photo catalytic oxidation offers a new and powerful tool for healthcare facility indoor air quality.  Read More …

Low-VOC Materials: Air Quality v. Globalization

Today’s building products come from international companies with manufacturing plants in many countries and cultures. This global sourcing has important implications as the composition of the air in buildings falls at the receiving end of worldwide commerce. Let’s explore formaldehyde, one of the controversial indoor air quality chemicals associated with interior fitout in healthcare, and how a singular initiative in California gained international reach. Read More …

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