Webinar: Remote Patient Monitoring Technology

Hospitals are increasingly using digital imaging platforms that integrate with hospital networks, enabling staff to monitor multiple patients remotely. Remote monitoring solutions typically feature one or more pan/tilt/zoom cameras that capture round-the-clock video of high-risk patients in the intensive care unit, temporarily repurposed operating rooms, or other areas of the hospital. Solutions such as Sony’s NUCLeUS, paired with Sony’s 4K PTZ cameras, can carry digitized video plus audio and other signals over an IP network, which can be centrally routed to a nurses’ station for patient monitoring.

Learn how our solutions can help clinical teams:
  • Assess a patient’s condition without the need to be physically present in the same room at all times.
  • Obtain round-the-clock video of high risk patients in the ICU or other areas of the hospital.
  • Route important video and patient data to a central nurse’s station for patient monitoring.

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