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Webinar, Aug. 26: Designing a Way Forward Post-COVID in Ambulatory Care Environments

Attention to design has never been more important as healthcare systems, practices and providers are looking for empathetic approaches that bring together workflows and technologies to support increased efficiency and safety, as well as improved outcomes. Read More …

Webinar: Exploring Healthy and Sustainable Hard Surface Solutions; October 29

Healthcare flooring plays a crucial role in providing a safe, supportive environment for patients and caregivers. And several characteristics of flooring (slip resistance to mitigate falls, durability, cleanability etc.) come together to create this environment. With many options available that fit the bill, it can be challenging to know which type of flooring to select. Read More …

MCD Webinar: Learn Future of Healthcare Energy/Microgrid Technology on July 9

Microgrid technology has rapidly advanced over the past 15 years. It is increasingly being used to further enhance uptime, while reducing energy spend and minimizing a facility’s carbon footprint. Today, there are a variety of trends converging and therefore increasing the demand for microgrids and the benefits they offer. Read More …

New MCD Webinar: Protecting Patients & Assets: An Introduction to Delayed and Controlled Egress Solutions for Healthcare

The importance of free egress for fire and life safety is well understood, but did you know that it could put patients incapable of self-preservation at higher risk of elopement and abduction? That’s why so many healthcare facilities turn to delayed egress solutions. Recent code changes related to controlled egress provide more ways than ever before to increase security. Read More …

Healthcare LED Lighting Webinar, Related Documents Now Available Online

Did you miss the complimentary webinar recently presented by Cree, Inc.? No worries. We’ve got you covered.

Read More …

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