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Ecotherapy: Healing the body by healing the Earth

The term “biophilia,” which literally translates as “love of life or living systems,” is used to describe the theory that suggests there is an instinctive bond between human beings and other living systems and that this bond is essential to good physical and mental health.1 We have a natural attraction to all that is alive and vital — all humans have “the urge to affiliate with other forms of life.”2 Read More …

Integrated Patient Entertainment: Positive Reaction to a Positive Distraction

At Children’s Medical Center Dallas its mission is straightforward: Making Life Better for Children. “That transcends just the clinical environment as many of our patients have afflictions that force Children’s to be their home away from home,” says Judson Orlando, director of the planning, design and construction for the hospital. Read More …

Redefining Rural Care: Peace Island Medical Center

Residents of San Juan Island in Washington’s Puget Sound no longer require expensive helicopter service or slow ferry rides to access professional medical care. The 38,500-square-foot Peace Island Medical Center, with a total of 68 caregivers, now provides clinic access six days a week and 24-hour emergency care service seven days a week to this rural community. Read More …

Heart of Texas: Hospitality, Flexibility for Louis & Peaches Owen Heart Hospital

With speed-to-market as a priority for the Louis & Peaches Owen Heart Hospital, construction was completed in near record time — just 18 months from project kick off to opening day. Yet the real story of the new facility on the campus of Trinity Mother Frances Hospital in Tyler, Texas began years before with two different plotlines that converged to create a tale as remarkable as the new facility.  Read More …

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