Michael Graves Architecture & Design Acquires Waldon Studio Architects, Patrick Schultz to Lead Healthcare Sector

Michael Graves Architecture has acquired Waldon Studio Architects, a Maryland-based planning, architecture and interior design firm. Part of a long-term strategic growth plan for MG, the acquisition will combine the distinct strengths of the two firms to cultivate shared expertise across design sectors and further invigorate the late Michael Graves’ enduring legacy of creativity and innovation. Additionally, the firms will come together in their commitment to sustainable design and historic preservation.

Under the new company structure, WSA principals and directors will be incorporated into the company’s organizational makeup as principals of various practice sectors. WSA Founder and Principal Ravi Waldon will serve as principal, as well as head of the firm’s faith-based sector.

Patrick Schultz, AIA, EDAC, LEED AP, will serve as principal and will lead the firm’s healthcare sector under the new acquisition. Schultz has 30 years of experience in the healthcare design industry and understands strategic facility responses emerging from national healthcare market trends to improve operational efficiencies, patient care experiences and brand. He is also an MCD editorial board member.



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Posted April 12, 2022

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