Color + Light Drive Design at Driscoll Children’s North Pavilion

Located in Corpus Christi, Texas, Driscoll Children’s Hospital’s largest campus project since 1984, the new North Pavilion is a five-story, 180,000-square-foot expansion sited on its campus to create connectivity from the parking garage to all major buildings and services. As an outcome of a comprehensive 2015 master planning effort, the primary inpatient service within the pavilion is a family focused, 22-bed pediatric intensive care unit, featuring a satellite pharmacy and family amenities, such as parents’ shower/changing areas. Adjacent to the PICU is a three-room procedure suite with accompanying patient preparation and recovery bays.

At the project outset, color was utilized as an expression of design. Base neutrals were identified within the existing facility, while a timeless, multi-hued solution was determined to evoke joy, to imbue a sense of safety and to establish a sense of belonging. A spectral color ribbon begins at the connection corridor of the pavilion and the existing building, and winds through a light-filled public area overlooking a newly landscaped sculpture garden.

Lighter, natural blues to a more vibrant purple-blue, and then deep magenta elements through the flooring, wall treatments and furniture create a flow through the lobby. Natural wood at entry portals brings a warmth to the space, while serving as visual indicators to other spaces such as lab waiting, registration and children’s play areas.

A three-story light well off the lobby serves to flood the deep floorplate with daylight, while offering an opportunity for donor and value recognition. Staff spaces were also given access to daylighting as much as possible to provide views, and to separate corridor systems for free movement of hospital supplies and staff. The project team included Fulton-Coastcon and Page.

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Posted April 12, 2022

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