American Iron and Steel Institute Publishes Cold-Formed Steel Clip Angle Design Guide

The American Iron and Steel Institute has published AISI D114-21, “Cold-Formed Steel Clip Angle Design Guide, 2021 Edition,” a new publication that provides practical guidance on the design of cold-formed steel clip angles based on research performed at the University of North Texas.

Cold-formed steel clip angles are commonly used to connect CFS framing members in light-frame steel buildings or to attach secondary structural components in a conventional structural steel frame or reinforced concrete frame building. AISI D114-21 provides methods that are applicable for those clip angles that are used to transfer shear, compression, tension or a combination of these forces. Two practical design examples are provided. The guide will be a useful tool for design engineers to properly design clip angles.

The design guide is available for purchase via the online AISI Steel Store at


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Posted December 23, 2021

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