Top Healthcare Systems

(Ranked by project volume for planning and under construction over last 12 months)

Healthcare SystemPlanning and Construction
(in millions)
Under Construction
(in millions)
In Planning (in millions)
1. US Department of Veterans Affairs$9,102.42$3,693.43$5,409.99
2. Kaiser Permanente$4,523.25$1,159.89$3,363.36
3. UC Davis Health System$4,436.58$3,990.13$446.45
4. Northwell Health$3,534.76$529.91$3,004.85
5. Ohio State University Health System$2,868.42$2,164.78$703.64
6. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia$2,810.50$291.50$2,519.00
7. Scripps Health$2,773.16$2,382.24$390.92
8. Inova Health Systems$2,572.00$270.00$2,302.00
9. Mass General Brigham$2,505.10$315.00$2,190.10
10. University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center$2,289.30$1,796.70$492.60


Data is provided by BuildCentral’s MedicalConstructionData product which tracks new medical construction, expansion and renovation projects in the United States. The data represents a snapshot in time, compiled using the best information available and is subject to change.  Contact for more information.


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Posted October 20, 2021

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