Special Report for Pediatric Caregivers: Easing Anxieties in Pediatric Patients

Worlds of Wow has released a special report, “Easing Anxieties in Pediatric Patients.” The report brings awareness to the positive impact design has on the well-being of pediatric patients.

Children begin to become aware of doctor visits between the ages of three to six. Eighty-nine percent of parents surveyed said the biggest source of fear for their child involved getting a shot. One out of five parents says that it is hard to concentrate on what the doctor or nurse says when their child is upset.

In this special report, Worlds of Wow interviews three pediatric dental practices with playful interior designs. Each unique custom office interior changed dread to delight for the young patients and their parents.

The report covers:

  • How a fun environment leads to long-term relationships
  • Causes of anxiety in young patients
  • Tips for accommodating patients with special needs
  • How to create a custom, colorful fun space for young patients

Medical offices can be sterile, which can scare and intimidate children. An intentionally designed office can feel welcoming and remove the anxiety of return visits. Creating a space that makes kids feel excited can make a huge difference in how they take care of their health and their willingness to attend appointments.

The report can be downloaded for free at http://www.worldsofwow.com/case-studies/easing-anxiety-in-pediatric-patients.

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Posted June 17, 2021

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