BWBR Features New Podcast on Seeing Mental Health through Different Lens

Mental health has been a vexing problem in America for many reasons, but not the least of which has been the stigma surrounding it. The good news is there’s progress. The challenge is providing the proper space for treatment, as well as increasing access to it.

While efforts focus on making spaces safe for patients doing harm to themselves, only in the past few years has research shifted to look at how evidence-grounded, stress-reducing features could possibly reduce incidents of aggression overall in psychiatric facilities.

BWBR’s Scott Holmes and Melanie Baumhover spotlight this human-centered approach and how it’s changing the way we see mental healthcare.

To listen to the podcast, Episode 3: Human-Centered Safety – Seeing Mental Health through a Different Lens, click here.

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Posted March 12, 2021

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