ICRA Solutions LLC Introduces New Certification for Contractors, Hospital Personnel

ICRA Solutions LLC announces its new ICRA-I Certification as an optional exam added to its Construction in Healthcare Facilities Workshop. This certification will allow contractors and hospital personnel who perform work in hospitals to show they possess, and understand, the infection control guidelines that need to be followed to protect patients from dust particles and contaminants, as well as any construction activities that can affect the hospital workflow.

The purpose of this certification is to prevent any hospital-acquired infections from construction or maintenance activities.

“Over the past few years, with more education awareness, contractors and hospital personnel have lessened their risk of getting a patient sick during construction by following infection control guidelines. It is an honor to get to watch the numbers come down each year. Hopefully, with this type of education being available from our company monthly, many can become more educated in how to safely perform work in a hospital and help keep our hospitals safe for years to come. This certification will be needed in our current climate no doubt, as hospitals expand to meet their community’s needs,” said ICRA Solutions LLC’s CEO Amy Walker.

The ICRA-I Certification is taken after completing the ICRA Solutions’ Construction in Healthcare Facilities Workshop. The test includes 75 questions, and the exam time is 1.25 hours in length. Classes are offered virtually once monthly.

The class is compiled into five sections and will review the who, what, where and why of following infection control guidelines when working in a hospital. The classes will be run by instructors who have over 60 years combined experience in the healthcare construction industry and are well-versed in Joint Commission & DNV-GL standards and guidelines.

For more info, visit www.icrasolutions.com, or call 678-412-5132.


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Posted February 2, 2021

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