CallisonRTKL, PODS Collaborate to Create Isolation Rooms

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases continues to grow—overwhelming hospitals and leaving healthcare professionals in urgent need of protection. In an effort to support those on the frontlines, CallisonRTKL worked with the facilities and infrastructure firm Patriot in a collaborative process on a Design-Build project for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. This project uses PODS to develop containers that can be repurposed into isolation units for alternative healthcare facilities treating COVID-19 positive patients.

Modifications to existing POD containers were made to be used as a rapid response airborne infection isolation room and designed to enhance healthcare personnel protection during care of infectious patients. Following are a few of the design features implemented to limit HCP exposure:

  • Isolation: Patients are isolated in an enclosed space, limiting to HCPs outside of the immediate patient care space.
  • Transparency: The front wall of the container is designed with a full-glass door and sidelights to provide maximum patient visibility.
  • Sanitary: Seamless flooring with cove base is installed to facilitate proper housekeeping and surface disinfection.
  • Lighting: Multiple levels of lighting within the container has been provided for patient comfort. Overbed lighting is provided for routine daytime settings with supplemental ceiling-mounted exam lighting and wall-mounted night lights.
  • HVAC: HVAC systems are designed to provide horizontal air flow, introducing air from the front of the container and discharging air directly behind the patient at the rear of the container.
  • Easy installation: Each container has individual electrical panels and condenser units mounted to the back of the container to simplify installation and commissioning of units within an alternate care site.

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Posted May 4, 2020

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