AJ Omar Elevated to Principal at c|a ARCHITECTS

AJ Omar has been elevated to principal at c|a ARCHITECTS. From designing intimate patient rooms to leading full campus planning, Omar’s 20 years of healthcare experience has led to collaborations with some of the nation’s most recognized healthcare providers. He has embraced the ongoing improvements to Kaiser Permanente’s healthcare delivery approach, spent the last few years with Los Alamitos Medical Center to meet Tenet Healthcare’s current and future demands and is working with City of Hope.

Omar strives to uphold sustainable architectural practices, always seeking new ways to minimize the negative environmental impacts of buildings through efficiency and moderation in use of materials, energy and development space.

He believes in reforming the way projects are delivered and constructed by utilizing new technologies enhanced through seamless digital collaboration. From improving service delivery to turning client challenges into rewarding opportunities, Omar is driven to find the best possible solutions.

Photo source: http://c-aarchitects.com.

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Posted January 14, 2020

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