NorthSide Hospital, Healthworks Village Regeneration Approved

The city of St. Louis, Missouri has received approval on financing assistance for a new hospital in the city’s most impoverished neighborhood of North St. Louis City. M Property Services, led by Chairman and CEO Paul McKee Jr., partnered with medical entrepreneur Dr. David Lenihan, president and CEO of Ponce Health Sciences University, to bring his vision for minority-focused healthcare, which includes 92 new jobs, to North St. Louis as part of the NorthSide Regeneration development.

The first phase of the development includes a proposed three-bed hospital with emergency room, plus infrastructure improvements to the surrounding area, with a projected total cost of about $22 million.

A second phase is presently anticipated to include construction of a $73-million, 103,000-square-foot hospital, to be named Homer G. Phillips Hospital, and medical school.

The proposed Homer G. Phillips hospital, named after the only hospital for African Americans in St. Louis from 1937 to 1955 when the city still had segregated facilities, would be constructed on the former site of defunct urban housing project Pruitt-Igoe. The site is part of the 1,500-acre NorthSide Regeneration redevelopment area in North St. Louis.

Global architecture, engineering and planning firm HOK has been contracted to design the hospital. KAI will provide Design-Build services to complete the project.

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Posted December 9, 2019

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