Max and Debra Ernst Heart Center at Beaumont Hospital Opens

The new Max and Debra Ernst Heart Center at Beaumont Hospital, in Royal Oak, Michigan in the Detroit metro area has recently been completed.

This new addition is dedicated to consolidating cardiac care, particularly for patients with heart failure, into a convenient and comprehensive facility. The unit includes 12 patient care rooms, an echocardiogram room, a vascular room, a stress testing room and two treatment rooms designed for outpatient medication infusion services. It is designed to treat 100 patient visitors per day.

The $9-million project combines outpatient services for heart patients into one specialized clinic at the facility, making prompt cardiac care easier to access and more efficient for patients returning on a regular basis. This new unit will help cardiac patients by reducing emergency room visits and hospital stays.

The new Max and Debra Ernst Heart Center is situated on the East side of the hospital campus, so specific planning attention was paid to the integration of the new space into the existing campus’ environmental context. Designed with its own unique entry, and in close proximity to parking for those patients experiencing difficulties in walking, careful attention was given to wayfinding and signage to help separate the unit visually on arrival. A glass façade wraps the new addition, adding a recognizable element and pouring natural light into the patient care spaces.

HED led the architecture, engineering and interior design for the hospital addition which opens to patients this month, with Kasco Construction Services serving as construction manager.

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Posted October 29, 2019

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