EMA, BuildingFit Conduct Turnkey Monitoring-Based Commissioning with Banner Health

Building performance drift is the nemesis of energy efficiency. It occurs when finely tuned and commissioned building HVAC systems lose performance over time. The negative impacts of performance drift lead to wasted energy and millions of dollars in additional energy costs. For one building, the costs can be high, for enterprises managing multiple buildings, these costs can be devastating.

These topics will be the focus of a webinar on June 19 sponsored by the Energy Management Association and BuildingFit, an EMA Associate Member company that provides smart building data analytics software that helps make buildings more energy efficient, lower operational costs and improve occupant comfort. This webinar covers key strategies and technologies behind Banner Health’s successful turnkey monitoring-based commissioning program. Banner Health is a non-profit health system based in Phoenix, Arizona. It operates 28 hospitals and employs more than 50,000. Its MBCx strategy has resulted in millions of dollars in annual energy savings.

WEBINAR TITLE: An Enterprise Approach to Maintaining Energy Savings, Compliance and Occupant Comfort Across Multiple Facilities: Key Strategies and Technologies Behind Banner Health’s Successful Turnkey Monitoring-based Commissioning Program

Sponsors: EMA, BuildingFit

When: 11 AM Pacific / 12 Noon Mountain / 1 PM Central / 2 PM Eastern on June 19

Registration Link: http://bit.ly/MBCx-webinar

Presenters: Shawn Mathiesen, Banner Health; Jane Guyer, BuildingFit

Learning Objectives:

  • How to structure an organization to maximize and maintain high-performance buildings across an enterprise
  • How to leverage smart data analytics technologies to create actionable KPIs for smarter and more efficient decision making
  • Best practices in leveraging MBCx services with modern data analytics software to address: compliance, occupant comfort, energy savings and lower operating costs, equipment reliability and longevity
  • How to implement monitoring software tools to create historical, real-time and predictive reports about building and enterprise-wide performance

Continuing Education Credits:

Cost: Free

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Posted May 23, 2019

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