Public Proposal Period Deadline Announced for 2022 FGI Guidelines Documents

The Facility Guidelines Institute announces the public proposal period for the 2022 FGI Guidelines revision cycle will close at midnight on Sunday, June 30. FGI’s 2022 proposal period is the opportunity for industry experts to recommend changes to the 2018 edition of the Guidelines for Design and Construction of Hospitals, Outpatient Facilities, and Residential Health, Care, and Support Facilities. During the proposal period, FGI encourages all users of the 2018 Guidelines documents to suggest where Guidelines language could be improved for clarity or to better support clinical practices, infection prevention and control, and safe and effective patient and resident care.

For the 2022 revision cycle, FGI’s online proposal/comment platform has been completely reimagined and restructured to streamline the submittal process and enhance the user experience. In addition, the new platform provides a means (through FGI’s Beyond Fundamentals) for suggesting innovative ideas that go beyond the baseline FGI standards. Interested parties may submit proposals or Beyond Fundamentals suggestions using the platform, which can be accessed at All submitted proposals are available for public review, and interested parties may submit opinions supporting or opposing any of them. All proposals, including opinions, will be reviewed by the 2022 Health Guidelines Revision Committee, and those accepted by the HGRC will be incorporated in the draft 2022 Guidelines documents. In summer 2020, the draft will be available for public comment on the proposed changes.

FGI urges all those involved in planning, design and construction of healthcare and residential health, care and support facilities to take advantage of the multiple opportunities to contribute to the development of the 2022 Guidelines standards, which are used by many states to regulate design and construction of these facilities. Public participation in the revision process is vital to keep the FGI Guidelines up to date with practices in the field.



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Posted March 11, 2019

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