New Research Highlights Changing Dynamics of Medical Office Space

LA PALMA, Calif. – Petra Integrated Construction Strategies has a new white paper available: Changing Dynamics of Medical Office Space – Perspective on Market Influences that are Driving Change, which provides perspective as to the history of medical office development post WWII leading up to trends, strategies and tools influencing disruptive innovation. Planning concepts to address these changes are identified and construction considerations for speed to market are highlighted.

“Given the pace at which we are experiencing change due to innovation and technology, health systems must be flexible and adaptable in strategic planning,” said Craig Beam, president of Petra ICS, one of the authors of the white paper. He concludes, “The large-legacy healthcare campuses are giving way to more community-based care, which requires health systems to incorporate innovative design, construction and predictive analytics to best address their marketplaces.”

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Posted May 18, 2018

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