New North Dakota Facility Integrates Critical Access Needs, Community Health Services

HAZEN, N.D. — Sakakawea Medical Center, in partnership with The Neenan Company, has opened a new medical facility in Hazen, North Dakota. The new facility integrates both a critical access hospital and a community health center into a primary care medical neighborhood for the residents of Mercer, Oliver and Dunn counties.

As a comprehensive medical center, the new facility will enable Sakakawea Medical Center to meet the primary care, diagnostic, emergency, surgical and acute care needs of the rural community while promoting the long-term well-being of the region through wellness and prevention programs with services offered beyond the hospital and clinic walls.

The Neenan Company served as the Design-Build partner for the project, with the new 55,300-square-foot facility replacing the previous medical center built in 1969. Anticipated by local residents, the new medical center expands the hospital’s care with updated diagnostic technology and expansions to the clinic, emergency room and surgical area while also supporting enhanced community outreach programs.

The hospital features a Lean, patient-centric design that provides easy accessibility and navigation for comprehensive patient care. The new clinic delivers a centralized clinical care team space for timely, responsive, collaborative patient care by and between physicians, providers, nurses and technicians. The new facility implements modern design techniques aimed at improving patient satisfaction and outcomes, while reducing nursing standby costs from staffing individually separated departments.

The critical access hospital and community health center serves approximately 15,000 residents in the rural towns of Beulah and Hazen, and equips medical professionals with the needed facilities to deliver accessible, responsive, reliable and effective care to community residents and visitors.

Photos courtesy of LaCasse Photography.

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Posted January 12, 2018

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