Boston Children’s Hospital, Cleveland Clinic Announce Collaboration on Pediatric Heart Care

BOSTON, Mass., and CLEVELAND, Ohio – Boston Children’s Hospital and Cleveland Clinic have entered into an agreement to provide complex pediatric heart services through Cleveland Clinic’s national network, bringing together two world-renowned institutions. This collaboration is the first of its kind to offer complex pediatric care directly to employers nationally.

New home for Cleveland Clinic Children’s, opening 2018. (Artist rendering.)

As part of the collaboration, Boston Children’s is now a member of Cleveland Clinic’s network, the first national-scale network of selected high-value cardiovascular care providers for the purpose of contracting with employers and other payers. Over time, Boston Children’s and Cleveland Clinic intend to expand the services offered to include other complex and rare pediatric care that justifies patient travel because of the value that can be delivered.

Under the agreement, Boston Children’s has special status in the network,  participating in leadership of the pediatric program and sharing in the establishment and management of best practices related to patient care, outcome measurement, quality reporting and clinical research.

Cleveland Clinic has been a leader in the development of a national network that offers curated providers and services directly to national employers and payers. Cleveland Clinic’s pediatric heart program has consistently produced clinical outcomes better than the national average, as reported by The Society for Thoracic Surgery. Since the inception of its pediatric heart program in 1985, Cleveland Clinic has performed more than 150 pediatric heart transplant surgeries. The hospital also reported 8,331 pediatric outpatient visits, 7,114 echocardiograms and 438 catheterization procedures in 2016.

Using innovative, research-driven and personalized therapies, Boston Children’s Hospital Heart Center cares for heart patients from all over the world for treatment of common problems to complex congenital heart conditions. Even in the most complex cases, surgical success rates are among the highest in the world. Boston Children’s is recognized as one of the largest pediatric heart centers in the world and over the last five years has performed 6,881 cardiac surgeries, 7,607 catheterizations and 3,405 electrophysiology procedures. The hospital also reported 23,547 echocardiograms and 25,272 clinic visits in 2016.



Posted August 7, 2017

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