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Safely Accelerating What’s Possible for Switchgear Technology

The Eaton Power Xpert® Dashboard reduces uncertainty, troubleshooting, and downtime while it increases operator safety, control, confidence, and data-driven management. Experience the power of what’s possible.

Eaton’s Power Xpert® Dashboard — Focused on Safety and Performance
The Eaton Power Xpert Dashboard is an advanced HMI that provides a new level of factory-configured control, communication and safety to electrical systems monitoring. This revolutionary technology connects operators with low and medium voltage switchgear — but also physically distances them from the dangers of arc flash events.

Starting with safety, the Power Xpert Dashboard offers a variety of amazing benefits:

  • Operate from a safe distance
    • Diagnose problems with suggested maintenance timetable
    • Handle remote circuit breaker open and close without additional hardware
    • Get visual indications of arc flash hazard levels and required PPE
  • Minimize systems training
    • Gain intuitive feedback via clear symbols and color coding
    • Use a pan, pinch and zoom touchscreen with stacking
    • Experience a user interface that’s scalable for mobile devices
  • Enjoy expert diagnostics at your fingertips
    • Receive clear indications of tripped breakers and the reason for the trip
    • Import O&M manuals, power system studies and breaker curves
    • Reduce onsite commissioning with factory-tested switchgear

All this reduces uncertainty, troubleshooting, and downtime while increasing operator control, confidence, and data-driven management. And you can choose the configurations that work best with your application: kiosk or wall mount.

Safe, State-of-the-Art Technology
The Power Xpert Dashboard is your portal to Eaton switchgear. Its state-of-the-art multi-touch HMI provides you with a touchscreen interface that shows the elevation view and one-line diagram of the switchgear lineup — and it allows operators to monitor, diagnose and control switchgear devices from a safe location outside the arc flash boundary.

Features of the Power Xpert Dashboard include:

  • Factory-configured and tested switchgear for faster field commissioning.
  • Remote notification, analysis and onboard documentation that dramatically decreases the time required to find and repair problems with electrical systems.
  • Remote monitoring and safe distance control that keeps operators safely away from dangerous arc flash zones.
  • Predictive maintenance that improves system uptime.
  • Transfer schemes, remote breaker racking and device setpoints that provide additional functionality for managing electrical systems.

Experience the power of what’s possible. Learn more


Posted July 26, 2017

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