Shepley Bulfinch Launches Lens

BOSTON, Mass. – Shepley Bulfinch has launched Lens, a consulting studio focused on helping healthcare organizations develop new business strategies by reinventing three critical elements of the experience: the way people interact, the services delivered and the systems that support care delivery. Lens will be led by Principal Strategist Lauren Janney, EDAC, who has spent the past decade dedicated to improving clinical and organizational performance through an engaging and innovative process.


Lauren Janney, Shepley Bulfinch principal strategist.

Shifting consumer expectations, increased competition, rapid technological advancements and value-based reimbursement models are driving healthcare providers to focus on the patient and staff experience as a means to increase performance, improve care outcomes and drive down costs. Lens combines stakeholder facilitation, qualitative and quantitative analysis and design thinking into a five- step process – called Lens Lab – to establish buy-in and achieve more impactful results. Lens partners with hospitals and healthcare leaders across the country to rethink and reinvent the patient and staff experience.

For more than a decade, Janney’s career has focused on design and business administration within the healthcare industry, helping organizations increase performance by improving the patient experience. As principal strategist of Lens, she combines her background in design with healthcare administration to improve care outcomes in an ever-changing healthcare landscape. She has worked with leading healthcare organizations, including Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Yale New Haven Health System and Partners HealthCare, to improve organizational cultures and performance. She and the Lens team utilize data analytics and creative problem-solving to drive new business strategies that connect with patients in more engaging ways and provide a framework for fostering innovation among staff.

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Posted December 6, 2016

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