Advanced ICU Care Launches Tele-ICU Services for Summit Healthcare Regional Medical Center

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Advanced ICU Care has launched tele-ICU services at Summit Healthcare Regional Medical Center in Show Low, Arizona. Advanced ICU Care will provide around-the-clock support in partnership with the hospital’s medical staff and care teams to deliver an extra layer of care in one of the most critical areas of the hospital. Summit Healthcare Regional Medical Center’s tele-ICU went live on Oct. 4 across all beds in the intensive care unit.

Advanced ICU Care will support Summit patients and staff from its eight operations centers, critical technology hubs staffed by board-certified physicians and highly trained critical care nurses who continuously monitor patient status. Proactive data management tools identify problems before they become urgent, prompting immediate intervention when necessary. Integration with the hospital’s electronic medical record system supported with two-way video access in each patient’s room enables face-to-face consultation between the bedside and the Advanced ICU Care team. This constant monitoring and contact across care teams ensure that help is always available when needed.

Summit Healthcare Regional Medical Center is the eighth hospital installation for Advanced ICU Care in 2016.

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Posted October 10, 2016

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