Whitepaper Shows Hospitals How to Investigate, Resolve Fire Wall Breaches to Advance Life Safety in Healthcare

NEEDHAM, Mass. — An award-winning program that rapidly identified and resolved fire and life safety deficiencies during construction and renovation projects at Brigham and Women’s Hospital is detailed in a new whitepaper from EH&E, a provider of environmental and engineering consulting services. Construction, renovation, maintenance and tele/data upgrades are a constant in hospitals across the US. The complexity of these projects and the pace of the schedule can lead to unexpected compromises in fire barrier integrity. To address this broadly recognized challenge, BWH partnered with EH&E to develop a new approach to fire stopping and life safety management.

The resulting program set a “new benchmark” and established “a model of best practices”–winning the 2014 IFMA Boston Excellence Award for Best Practices in Sustainability. It is now detailed in the new whitepaper, “Ensuring Fire Barrier Integrity for Patients, Staff and First Responders: Continuous Compliance Through Information Management”–presenting each step of the program in case study format. The paper is available to download at http://www.eheinc.com/firesafety_hospital_wp.htm.

Topics include: Root Cause Investigation of Fire Barrier Integrity Challenges, Financial Modeling of Fire Barrier Deficiencies, Implementation of an Information Management Solution and Results and Successful Implementation of Construction Life Safety Information Management Process.

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Posted January 16, 2015

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