Replacement Hospital for Jefferson City, Missouri Set to Open

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. –The new St. Mary’s Health Center will open Nov. 16 and bring a new and exceptional brand of healthcare to communities in mid-Missouri. A groundbreaking ceremony was held in May 2012 for the $200-million project.

Nov_eNews_MCD_JeffersonFeatureThe new hospital will have 167 all-private rooms within its 375,000 square feet and be set amid a beautiful natural landscape of wooded hills in Jefferson City, Missouri. The project general contractor is Alberici Constructors; The Lawrence Group Architects served as the designer.

Evidence–Based Design
The architecture of the new St. Mary’s Hospital – Jefferson City is inspired by groundbreaking research that focuses on healing environments and patient safety. Launched in 2000, the Pebble Project is a research initiative of The Center for Health Design to provide research and documented examples of healthcare facilities where design has made a difference in patient and staff satisfaction, as well as operating efficiency. St. Mary’s leadership has visited many Pebble Project facilities in the past year to benchmark best design practices and learn how these hospitals have improved the patient experience.

This design research has shown that private patient rooms reduce patient stress, reduce infection and improve sleep, while natural light and scenery reduce reported levels of pain. This research is an important catalyst for the design decisions made by St. Mary’s to ensure a new level of care and healing for the community.

All private rooms
The hospital’s private-patient rooms will provide ample space for patients, families, visitors and caregivers. These rooms will help lessen noise, reduce infection, improve patient confidentiality and allow caregivers and patients to speak more freely about their healthcare.

A safer design
A universally consistent layout for all rooms will enhance efficiency, safety and adaptability. Room layouts are based on the same-handed side, to reduce potential issues with safety. To prevent falls, rooms will feature sliding doors and higher toilets in each bathroom.

Nursing at the bedside
Equipment and supplies will be conveniently stocked in every patient room–out of sight–so nurses won’t have to make repeated trips to supply rooms. All medical record charting will be done electronically in or right outside patient rooms, eliminating central nursing stations.

Easier access to services
Separate covered entrances and convenient parking will promote easy access to the main hospital lobby, outpatient services and the emergency department. A concierge at the information desk will personally guide patients and visitors throughout the hospital. When patients need to be transported to another area in the hospital for testing, they will go through private corridors and elevators, away from public areas.

Less noise, better healing
A quiet environment is conducive to healing and relaxation. Noise levels will be reduced through sound-absorbing flooring, acoustic ceiling tiles and the limiting of overhead paging through a new staff locating and communication system. Soft lighting in corridors and patient rooms will also provide a soothing environment.

Outdoor healing environment
Large windows will be a prominent feature in public areas and patient rooms, serving as an overlook to the natural beauty of rolling hills, trees and green space on the 110-acre property. Windows and finishes inside the building will bridge outdoor and indoor spaces. The new hospital will also feature several reflective natural spaces, a scenic outdoor dining area and a walking trail.


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Posted November 10, 2014

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