Flad Architects Publishes Whitepaper on ‘Incorporating Lean Principles in Healthcare Design’

With rising pressure on healthcare providers to reduce costs and improve quality, many firms are incorporating Lean tools and techniques into designs as a solution for improving processes and performances.

Instead of building new or upgrading existing facilities that carry over existing problems, healthcare organizations need to examine the idea of what a hospital should be. How can we increase patient safety and reduce wait times? How can we improve staff and patient travel times? How can we design it to be efficient and flexible? How can we do more with less?

Answering these questions and more, in Flad Architects’ whitepaper, “Incorporating Lean Principles in Healthcare Design,” readers will gain knowledge from the experience of architectural design teams, while highlighting specific examples and lessons learned.

Readers will learn how to apply Lean to facility design by understanding who should be involved, which Lean concepts to incorporate, when to initiate Lean activities and what outcomes to expect. Learn more at http://www.flad.com/eBrochures/Incorporating-Lean-Principles-into-Healthcare-Design/.


Posted October 17, 2012

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