Tenet Announces $110M Expansion at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children in Philadelphia

DALLAS, Texas — Tenet Healthcare Corporation announced a $110-million expansion project at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children in Philadelphia, Pa. This project includes the construction of two new buildings on St. Christopher’s main campus that will further enhance the hospital’s commitment to high-quality pediatric care.

The centerpiece of the expansion will be a new four-floor 135,000-square-foot Critical Care Tower that will include 50 new critical care beds and 60 Level IIIC neonatal intensive care unit beds. The tower will enable the hospital to offer larger, private critical care rooms incorporating advanced technology, while comfortably accommodating families.

The second major component of St. Christopher’s expansion project is the development of the Center for the Urban Child, a community-focused initiative designed to help the children of Pennsylvania break the cycles of food insecurity, violence and childhood illness.

The goal of the center is to provide children with comprehensive medical treatment and services to: 1) reduce barriers to healthcare access for patients and their families, 2) improve the diagnosis of and care for diseases that disproportionately impact children in the community and 3) modify the factors that contribute to disparities. The Center for the Urban Child will be housed in a newly constructed 30,000-square-foot medical office building located on the hospital’s main campus.


Posted August 1, 2012

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