Brian Kowalchuk Named Director of Design at HDR Architecture

KowalchukBrian_7809_112011_colorBrian Kowalchuk, AIA, LEED AP has been named director of design for HDR Architecture, Inc. For more than 30 years, he has specialized in turning clients’ visions into exceptional architecture, collaborating with leaders of global healthcare and science and technology organizations. He is well known for his attention to the comprehensive infusion of guiding principles throughout a project and his commitment to design excellence.

In his role, Kowalchuck’s primary focus is to work with regional design directors and local design principals to ensure every project the firm designs, from every office, adheres to HDR’s Design Philosophy. He will also be challenging designers in each office to be engaged in leadership on a local, regional, national and global level.

Kowalchuk has designed award-winning facilities for science and healthcare organizations around the globe. He is particularly interested in the transfer of knowledge and the nature of discovery as it crosses political and geographic boundaries. With his breadth of experience, he is able to tailor his designs to meet best practices within a specific geographic area and local cultural context.

“We are an ideas-driven practice,” he said. “We design buildings for technologically advanced organizations: in science and technology, healthcare and academia. Because these are complex facilities by their very nature, I look to the science, to the essence of the organization, for inspiration. It is this vision that inspires my work, and I strive to embed and express it in the smallest detail through to the overall image.


Posted August 15, 2012

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