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Integrated Approach Delivers $135 Million Indu and Raj Soin Medical Center in 18 Months

2012-03-13_112508DAYTON, Ohio — Kettering Health Network has opened the new $135-million Indu and Raj Soin Medical Center designed by HOK to grow incrementally with a town square concept to keep pace with a fast growing area of Dayton, Ohio. The hospital opened in mid-February 2012 thanks to a streamlined 18-month construction process advanced through an integrated approach by the design and building team. After initial construction as a 131-bed hospital, the design facilitates expansion of up to 300 beds.

“The town square concept ties the hospital together in a way that is easy for people to navigate,” said Terry Burns, president of the Indu and Raj Soin Medical Center. “It also gives us the flexibility to expand so we can better serve our community.”

Located on 22 acres, the six-story, 276,000-square-foot hospital features emergency care, general surgery, orthopedic care, cardiac care, mother-baby unit, critical care and medical imaging and diagnostic services.  The hospital was named for Indu and Raj Soin, noted philanthropists in Dayton.

Town Square Concept

2012-03-13_113024The space is designed to easily expand around a town square that unites all hospital services and simplifies wayfinding.  Upon entering the main lobby, all diagnostic and procedural services, inpatient elevators, the chapel and emergency department are visible.  Additionally, families can access dining and retail from the lobby.

“Just as a town square connects all aspects of a village, our concept connects to all levels of care and amenities while providing a cost-efficient way for the hospital to expand as needed,” said Sheila Cahnman AIA, ACHA, LEED AP, group vice president and regional leader, HOK Healthcare. “Each hospital service has its place and can be expanded without encumbering nearby space. The emergency room, for example, can grow horizontally by removing a wall and building more space.”

Cahnman adds there is dedicated space planned for an additional patient tower, if needed.

Landscape views help orient visitors at key decision points. The strong outdoor connection is another unifying element for the building, with views of a pond and landscaped entry.

Meanwhile, the lobby includes a two-story wall of water that flows down to a ground-floor cafeteria. An outdoor terrace accessed from the dining area also has a water feature. In addition, the facility is highlighted by a “creation wall” depicting the biblical seven days of creation to remind visitors of Kettering’s faith-based mission.

To facilitate the optimal use of hospital resources, the design includes a master control center to track inpatient activity, emergency and all other traffic. In the event of a serious disease outbreak or massive trauma event, the control center can efficiently move patients to appropriate care to maximize the use of the facility. The facility incorporates the best in LEAN process improvement including just-in-time delivery of supplies to the site and patient units.

Jain Malkin, Inc. served as interior designer.

Integrated Approach to Fast Tracking
An integrated team approach was deployed from day one to streamline design and construction and fast track the project  Kettering, HOK, program manager Navigant Consulting Inc., general contractor Danis Building Construction Co. and Heapy Engineering all worked together, testing design ideas and evaluating constructability. It allowed the team to swiftly advance phases of the project including site excavation, which was completed as the building design was being finalized. The entire construction took 18 months to complete under this strategy.

“The integrated team approach worked amazingly well,” noted Burns. “Working with such talented partners like HOK, we were able to use their best practices to develop the hospital in an efficient and cost-effective manner.”

Photos: James Steinkamp


Posted March 13, 2012

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