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IAHSS Releases Design and Renovation Guidelines for Healthcare Facilities

The International Association for Healthcare Security & Safety recently released the Design and Renovation Guidelines for Healthcare Facilities.

The publication is offered to IAHSS members in the members’ only section on the IAHSS website. Non-members may request for free until May 31 on the IAHSS website by visiting

The Design and Renovation Guidelines was created in an effort to assist security leaders, design professionals and planning staff to build security into each new construction and renovation project.

The guidelines were developed by the IAHSS Design Taskforce, a subgroup of the IAHSS Council on Guidelines, and funded by the International Healthcare Security & Safety Foundation. After 13 months, the final product was approved for publication by the IHSSF and IAHSS Boards in December 2011. The handbook addresses how security risks can be prevented, with pre-planning steps to apply during the design phase of a healthcare facility.

“As the only organization dedicated solely to those protecting healthcare facilities worldwide, the IAHSS strives to ensure a safe and secure environment for every healthcare facility, especially its staff, patients and their family members,” said Evelyn Meserve, CHPA, executive director of the IAHSS.

The guidelines are tailored to specific areas of a healthcare building including:

• Inpatient facilities
• Emergency departments
• Behavioral/mental health areas
• Pharmacies
• Cashiers and cash collection areas
• Infant and pediatric facilities
• Areas with PHI
• Utility, mechanical and infrastructure areas
• Biological, chemical and radiation areas


Posted March 20, 2012

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