Practice Greenhealth Releases Sustainability Benchmark Report

RESTON, Va.–Practice Greenhealth has published its third-annual Sustainability Benchmark Report – an analysis of activities and programs at a number of hospitals that are highly-engaged in commitments to sustainable, eco-friendly practices.

This report is based on data supplied in applications by the 118 Partner for Change and 23 Environmental Leadership Circle 2011 award winners and is designed to assist Practice Greenhealth member hospitals to measure performance and define steps in efforts toward sustainability in healthcare.

The report analyzes data provided by healthcare facilities of various types and sizes located across the country. In addition to reporting on metrics, it shares sustainability trends and emerging areas of focus. In addition, the Sustainability Benchmark Report cites notable trends among these highly engaged hospitals. For example:

Waste and Recycling
Recycling and diversion programs helped the 141 reporting hospitals save $19-million in avoided solid and hazardous waste-disposal fees.

Green Cleaning
More hospitals are increasing the use of green-cleaning products, equipment, and techniques and are formalizing cleaning procedures and contracts. Hospitals continue to recognize the value of reducing toxicity in the cleaning process. In 2011, 68 percent of PFC and 83 percent of ELC winners reported having green-cleaning plans for their hospitals.

Trend: Implementation of new water conservation activities has decreased since last year, with 41 percent of PFCs and 52 percent of ELCs reporting implementation of “recent” water conservation activities. Facilities conserving water are reducing total water use and water bills by an average of 10-14 percent. The full report details specifically which projects are being implemented.

Cooling-tower upgrades continue to give big paybacks in water and energy efficiency. Award winners implemented a host of other projects to conserve water, including eliminating the practice of defrosting meat with running tap water, using xeriscaping technologies such as native plants and/or gray water irrigation and sub-metering water use for better tracking.


The 141 Award winners reduced electricity costs by a combined 4.6 percent by implementing energy efficiency projects. These savings are equivalent to 0.77 kilowatt hours-per-square-foot of their facility or 12 cents-per-square-foot.
Overall, Practice Greenhealth member hospitals are achieving dramatic reductions in environmental footprints and are committed to implementing sustainable, eco-friendly practices.

About Practice Greenhealth
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Posted November 16, 2011

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