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Aesthetics, Inc. Recognized as Member of Visionary Healthcare Design Network

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — At the recent Planetree Conference in Nashville, Aesthetics Inc. was honored to become a certified member of the Planetree Visionary Design Network. This certification officially recognizes the firm for following the Planetree patient-centered philosophy and its core components of healing design.

Connecticut-based Planetree is an international organization, recognized as a leader in patient-centered, holistic approaches to healthcare. The Planetree model advocates that physical environments can enhance healing, health and well-being, and be welcoming and accessible to patients and families.

“Members of Planetree Visionary Design Network are leaders in the field, serving as catalysts for change in healing design,” said Planetree Director of Design Consultation Kim Montague, AIA, EDAC, LEED AP. “They fully embrace Planetree’s philosophy of building and designing healing environments that provide the greatest opportunity for caring of the body, mind and spirit from the perspective of the patients, families and caregivers who utilize the facility.

Montague added the certified firms exhibit a healing environment within their own organizations through the integration of sustainable practices and staff-friendly working environments.

Aesthetics currently is the interior designer and Planetree specialist on a large project for the VA San Diego, which has been on a Planetree journey for the past several years.

“The project involves bringing Aesthetics’ multiple years of expertise with the Planetree principles to the design of a new addition that will house the Spinal Cord Injury Program and a new Community Living Center,” said Aesthetics CEO Annette Ridenour.

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Posted November 23, 2011

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