Adirondack Medical Center Unveils New Name as Part of Rebranding Initiative

SARANAC LAKE, N.Y. – For the past 100 years, Adirondack Medical Center and its family of health facilities have delivered personal, sophisticated healthcare to the residents of the Tri-Lakes community.

AMC has endeavored to meet the community’s needs by providing comprehensive services and programs, and at the same time served as an important economic engine and human services resource.

The celebration of the organization’s first 100 years is an opportunity to reflect on the commitment to advanced medicine, education, support and caring. In just the past decade alone, AMC has experienced amazing growth in response to the needs of the community.

With growth and the development of new programs and services came a realization of the need to better position the breadth and depth of those services under a single shared name: Adirondack Health.

“I am proud to introduce Adirondack Health because the people who make it such a phenomenal organization to lead are truly amazing individuals,” said Chandler Ralph, president & CEO, during a ceremony to reveal the new branding and marketing initiative.

Adirondack Health is the name for the overall organization of comprehensive programs and services geared toward improving lives, which is why we are “Leading care for a healthy community.”

Patients and residents will still receive the same exceptional care at Adirondack Medical Center, Tupper Lake Health Center, AMC Lake Placid and Mountain Health Center, to name a few, but now all of the facilities are members of Adirondack Health.

There are two exceptions. Since 2007, the Mercy and Uihlein nursing homes in Tupper Lake and Lake Placid have been a part of the AMC family. As a result of this partnership, the goal was to ensure these facilities were not seen as institutions for the sick and elderly to simply live out their remaining days. These centers deserve the recognition as genuinely caring places where the residents are given the inspiration and support to live.  To reflect this essential difference, these facilities are now the Mercy Living Center and the Uihlein Living Center.

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Posted July 22, 2011

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