Oak Hill Hospital Announces Additional $50 Million, 100,000 Square Foot Construction Project, Including the Most Advanced Healthcare Technology

SPRING HILL, Fla  – Oak Hill Hospital recently announced its latest $50 Million, 100,000 square foot construction project.

The project includes the following elements:

* A two-story inpatient bed tower with 36 private rooms
* New construction of eight additional operating room suites
* Renovation of endoscopy suites
* Replacement/expansion of the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) area to 18 beds
* Renovation/expansion of the Central Sterile Department
* Power plant expansion to meet the needs of the growing hospital complex and to improve overall energy efficiency
* New parking lot for patients, guests and families

The expansion and renovation will add approximately 75,000 new square feet. Additionally 25,000 square feet will receive major renovations and another 7,000 will receive minor renovations.

At $50,000,000, this is the largest healthcare expansion project ever in Hernando County. The project will have 500-600 construction workers involved.  This project is in addition to the current project of $ 6.5 million with the addition of 20 private telemetry rooms on the 6th floor, which is nearing completion.

With this new addition the hospital with have 262 acute care beds, clearly making it the largest facility in Hernando and Citrus Counties. 61% of the beds will be private. The additional capacity was needed to meet the growing demand for beds and surgical volumes. Oak Hill Hospital has seen steady growth patterns over the past few years due to the dedication of staff and physicians. During peak times, occupancy consistently exceeds 100 percent.

It goes without saying that the expansion will feature the very latest developments in healthcare technology for the operating rooms, endoscopy suites, recovery room, anesthesia, and laboratory. Also included in the project is additional non-invasive cardiology and laboratory support. In addition, 18 of the new beds will be the Universal beds capable of serving all levels of care needed during a stay.

This project will provide the necessary capacity for long-term future growth. The project offers benefits to patients, associates, physicians and the community. It will generate numerous local and regional jobs during construction and many high-paying permanent positions once completed.


Posted January 3, 2011

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